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Desiree Williams Author

I’m an awkward conversationalist. Cameras are my enemy.

I’m a plant killer—although not intentionally.

In high school, I was a Latino dancer and in J-ROTC (great combo, right?)

Cooked carrots are gross. Traveling is my friend.
Flying on the other hand, not so much.

Vanilla scented candles are out to destroy me.

I tried to fly my car once. Didn’t end well.
Almost hit a cow. True story.

A Few of My Favorite Things

My daughter’s laugh.
Making people smile.
Daydreaming and book reading.
The comfort of the Holy Spirit.

Favorite Movies

The Chronicles of Narnia
Pirates of the Caribbean
The Little Mermaid
Practically all things Disney

Favorite Musicians

Big Daddy Weave
Lauren Daigle

Favorite Authors

Lisa T. Bergren
Tamara Leigh
Marissa Meyer
Kelly Oram
Jody Hedlund
And so many more.

Favorite Foods

Cherry cobbler
Chocolate, chocolate, and chocolate