Q1: I loved these stories and want to get signed copies. Do you have any in stock?

A1: It thrills my heart that you loved these adventures! Unfortunately, I do not have any available copies of the originals.

Q2: I picked up an ebook copy of book one when it was free several years ago. I just read it and would love to finish the series! Is there anyway I can get books 2 and 3?

A2: Oh, I would love for you to continue the adventure! Unfortunately, since this series has been pulled from publication, ebooks are no longer available for these titles and there are no more paperback copies in stock.

Q3: Why were these books pulled to begin with?

A3: Great question! Pulling this series off the shelves was not an easy decision by far. I wrestled with it for months. And while these stories served a purpose and met a need in my life, they were not crafted to the fullest of their potential.

They do not represent who I’ve grown to be as a story creator or where my business module is heading thanks to my new heart.

These stories were my first book babies and they represent a special time in my life. When I was young in the publishing world, I connected with a mentor who graciously assisted me in wading through the self-publishing waters (I’m grateful for that experience because it did teach me a lot).

However, the focus had been on getting the books published, not on crafting the best stories possible.

Which affected the overall product brought forth.

Do I regret my actions?

No. Like I said, I learned so much. That time in my life did serve a purpose.

Do I wish I’d done things differently? Duh. LOL. But don’t we all when hindsight smacks us square in the face. 

Q4: Will these books be republished? If so, do you have any dates? Tell us when, woman!!

A4: I wish I had dates to give! As of right now, there are no republishing dates. Prayerfully, this series will live again. To be in the know on any possible relaunch dates, be sure to signup for my reader newsletter. That way you won’t miss any announcements!

Frequently Asked Questions

These books are no longer in publication, however, I couldn’t exclude these beauties from the website.

I often get questions on if and when these books will ever return to the reader world. So it is my hope that this page will serve you well.


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