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Writing Update—NaNoWriMo Recap

Can you hear the confetti cannons? Please tell me that you can, because I am in full-fledged celebration mode!

Before I get into all the ‘whys’ behind the celebration let’s do a quick recap of November:

NaNoWriMo Experience

This was my first year to do NaNoWriMo and it was definitely an experience. Mostly because my schedule was jam-packed and not the ideal month to attempt to tackle writing an entire book. But I was determined to give it a try.

I went in with the mindset that if I made it through, great. If not, then I at least made the attempt. Either way, I planned to be proud of myself for the attempt.

The month started out strong. I stuck to my writing days, knocking out word count goals, but then life happened.

The middle of November pretty much a crashed and burned. However, I had the entire week of Thanksgiving, and the week after, to actually take off some of those extra responsibility hats I wear and tackle writing in massive amounts. Numbers were flying everywhere. Fingers pounding away at the keyboard (just kidding on that one. I’d need a new laptop if that was the case 😉 )

So the question you might be wondering: Did I win NaNoWriMo?


BUT … there’s a valid reason for that!

We had a family vacation planned at the end of November, and in fact, I took my computer with me with the full intent of writing in the evenings (I even wrote while hubby drove). However, once we arrived at our vacation spot, my brain cruised into vaca-mode.

Could I have pushed to get everything done by Nov 30th? Yes. Totally.

Except I made the conscious decision to focus on making family memories, and just kind of unwinding and rejuvenating. So when November 30 came around I didn’t push like a mad-woman to finish in time. Instead, I waited until we were traveling back on December 1st to dominate that final leg in the story.

And guess what?

I typed ‘THE END’. *cannon booms*

While I don’t get to flash around the pretty NaNoWriMo Winner label, I DID finish a whole book. For the Love of Harmony, a new adult contemporary romance, is fully drafted.

[insert lots of author squeals]

And of course, to get the first dibs on this project when it rolls into production, be sure you’re subscribed to my newsletter. 😉

How I celebrated

Ate cake.  Oh, yes. A delicious piece of molten lava chocolate cake with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.

Downtime. Did a few at-home spa treatments and tapped into my girly side. 😛 Which is kind of rare because I’m also a mom. Having alone time is rather infrequent.

Readathon! Ah! So excited for this one. I’m getting reacquainted with my TBR pile during the month of December. And in addition to that, I’m also permitting myself to buy some new books. *double squeal* (That happened to be one of the items on my reward system anyhow.)

I’ve already stocked up on books from my library and hit one-click on Amazon for a new order.

To see what I’m reading now (or what I bought), check out my Instagram page. I’ll be posting book images there throughout the month.


So … what’s next?

It might sound crazy, but I loved the NaNoWriMo experience (minus the crash and burning that occurred in the middle of the month). I loved letting my brain flow free with the permission to write whatever came to mind.

A group of writers is going to tackle a similar writing challenge in January—JaNoWriMo, if you will—and I’m considering taking on another project for this challenge.

I attempted JaNoWriMo last year but had to back out due to receiving the edits back for Illusionary ahead of schedule. Since I wanted to get Illusionary out and published, I switched directions for that month.

However, for this coming January, I don’t have any large projects in the pipeline (outside of Illusionary’s audiobook) so I can totally dive into another writing challenge.

Call me mad. But I’m far more excited about that than I should be. Mainly because I want to see if I can keep up the same momentum, thus having two or more books drafted.

We’ll see. *shrugs*

Wish me luck!


How was your November? Anything big on your achievement list? I’d love to celebrate with you. 😀


  1. Laura A. Grace on December 10, 2017 at 2:57 pm

    Ooo working on another draft, how exciting!!! My November was pretty good too! I didn’t do NaNoWriMo, but I wrote the most words I ever have. It was fun! Also, I think it’s awesome you buy books as a reward because I like to do that too! 😃

    • Desiree Williams on January 2, 2018 at 8:09 pm

      Eee! I’m so excited for YOUR writing project. Looking forward to the great things you have in store. 😀

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