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New Services Announcement: Novel Critiques

Lots of big things are on deck for DWB in 2018, and I’m thrilled to finally reveal one of those exciting changes.

I’m now accepting clients for novel Critiques!

Finishing a novel is utterly thrilling. However, it can also be daunting if you’re unsure where to look for additional feedback.

You typed ‘The End’ but now questions plague your writer-brain:

Did you nail the world-building?

Was that scene full of info dumps?

Does the plot mirror a block of Swiss-cheese?  

Firstly, take a deep breath.

Second, let’s chat because I’d love to help. I’ve collected tips and tricks along my publishing journey that I’d be happy to share.

Take a peek at my Critique Services page to see if you’re interested in scheduling a full read-through or some feedback on your opening chapter.

Plus you don’t want to miss out on these introductory prices!

Introductory Prices


And be sure to email me at info(at) soon before all the available slots are filled.



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