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Life Update and My Word for 2018

Hello, adventurers! I feel like I need to reintroduce myself. LOL. So the blog had an unexpected hiatus, but I promise it was for a very good reason.

If you’ve been following my social media pages then you know that my mother passed away right before Christmas. As a result, life kind of went haywire for a while, and I took some time off to recuperate and rebalance myself emotionally, physically, and mentally.

2017 had been a beast of a year, with loads of struggles regarding massive depression, self-doubt, financial woes, and the death of my mother (as well as all the family drama that follows such times).

And I must admit, I did not go through the storms well. I threw tantrums. I got angry, and extremely disheartened at times. I questioned my faith and the purpose of it all.

But in the end, I still managed to not give up. Which I assure you was by the grace of God. Because in the end, I knew that God did not want my pain, pain-and-suffering wasn’t part of His original plan. Which attests to the fact that Perseverance had been my keyword last year (especially during the latter half).

Now while it took quite a bit of digging to find the victories and good moments of 2017 ( 😉 I assure you, I did find all those joyful nuggets), I’m looking forward to planning for the future and seeing what God has in store for 2018.

Starting with my word for this New Year.


While the word endure has a close definition to perseverance, it has a different meaning for me.

Perseverance fueled me to keep fighting in the midst of the battles, pressing onward despite how worn, tired, or wounded I became.

Endure reflects the next phase of my journey. God has placed a pretty package in my hands, down to the cute little bow, and it is my job to deliver it. My duty to share the gift inside with anyone who wishes to receive it.

However, as with all great adventures, there’s going to be trials along the way. Storm clouds will come and drench the path with rain. But days of sunshine and rainbows will also line that same pathway.

Therefore in spite of the storms, trials, laughter, joy, etc., I must endure the long journey ahead of me to deliver the message God has called me to pass along—Hope.

Do you have a word/ theme for the year?

If you do, feel free to share it below! I’d love to see what your theme for 2018 is.

If you don’t, then I encourage you to steal some time away and let your mind wander. Close your eyes and dream of what this year could mean for you.

But don’t put boundaries on yourself—never that. You were made for a reason, and you too have a message inside just waiting to be shared with the world.

So dream big. Dream endlessly. And dream without limits.

Cheers to making this year the best yet.

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