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Dear World, Pain wasn’t God’s plan for you.

My heart is heavy and broken today. As I scrolled through my newsfeed yesterday, I learned that yet another shooting took place. That more people lost their lives during an act of hate. That yet more souls were taken before their time.

And I ache, in mind and spirit, for those families who have lost loved ones.

I mourn for our nation and our world as the suffering, both made by man and natural forces, continues to increase by leaps and bounds.

No words I say can turn back the hands of time. Nothing I do can erase the damage already done.

But there is one thing I want to clarify …

The pain, the suffering, the heartache … None of it was part of God’s original plan.

When God first created our universe, He had a perfect design in mind. One of beauty and love. Where we walked beside Him, free of worry and full of hope.

That perfect plan was ruined with one devastating act of disobedience. Through that disobedience, sin entered the world bringing with it pain, suffering, heartache, and death.

But there is hope.

Uniting together in purpose

First, there is hope through Jesus Christ.

Second, we can be conduits of hope if we allow God to work through us.

Let me explain. Sin (disobedience) broke our world, and the damage will just continue to spread. Because sin doesn’t just affect us personally. It affects all of those around us, whether we know the people or not. Our choices don’t just have an effect on our lives but on the lives of the people we touch.

So it stands to reason, that if sin has such a widespread effect then we can counterattack that evil with goodness and kindness (through the power of God).

I can go into so much right here. But I’m trying to hold myself back.

However, think about it. If we show genuine love and kindness to all people, it won’t just affect our lives but a ripple effect will begin, touching all of the lives around us. Similar to how lighting a candle will chase the darkness and shadows to the far corners of a room.


God does not desire our pain

As I mentioned above, the agony of our world was never God’s original plan. He wanted so much more for us when He created the Garden of Eden, when He created the universe.

If that’s the case, you may even ask, why would God allow the pain to even happen in the first place?

The answer may not be easy to accept but it’s because we were gifted with free well.

We have a choice whether to choose right or wrong, good or evil. And the consequences of our choices—whether good or bad—don’t just affect us, but also the lives we’re connected to.

It is my prayer that together we can shine the light of hope. That by choosing to spread love and kindness, we can fight back against the wave of hate.

Some parting encouragement

As much as I would love the ability to remove the pain, to remove the heartache, to take back death, I am only human. But I do know a Man who can comfort in ways that I never could.

It’s my prayer that God’s great mercy will fill those who are hurting with peace and comfort. May the warmth of His Spirit wrap around them, holding them tight and filling the gaps in their broken hearts.

Please join me in praying for our nation and our world, especially those who’ve lost dear loved ones. We are never alone if we remain united together.


  1. Tamara Ringwald on November 9, 2017 at 1:48 am

    Bless you for your wise counsel-so hard to accept the level of violence in our world right now and the pain and suffering. You have a gift of words- thank you for sharing and caring so much.

    • Desiree Williams on November 9, 2017 at 1:37 pm

      Hi Tammy! I know what you mean. It physically hurts to watch the news or surf through my news feed anymore. But together, by showing love and hope to others, we can shine a bright light. Miss you! And hope you’re doing well. 😀

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