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How To Deal When No One Wants What You’re Selling

Hey, adventure. Can we have a heart-to-heart today? I’m serious. Go ahead and grab some coffee or tea or even some fruit juice, and let’s chat about life and business today.

Being a creative entrepreneur is hard. Even harder when sales are crazy low and you’re wondering how to pay your bills. I get it. I understand. And to be honest, I’m in the same boat.

But I may just have what you need. I might have the key to dealing with and thriving under such conditions.

First things first…

Before we get to my sage advice for the day, we need to run through a checklist. To make sure all the boxes are filled in prior to our big ‘how to’.

Are all the tasks being done?

As much as we would love to kick back and let the money rain down upon us, that’s just not realistic. (Although that would be epic if it happened!)

So first, evaluate all your steps and processes and ask yourself, “Am I doing all the things I possibly can to get my products out into the world?”

If you answered, “Eh, probably not.” Then that’s where to start. Dig deeper into your business and push yourself just a wee bit harder.

However, if you answered “yes” let’s move on to our next checklist item.

Have you learned something new?

Every aspect of the business world moves and advances without our permission. Once we get the hang of one technique, the market changes and something new comes upon the scene. Then that technique we excelled at is no longer relevant or effective.

I encourage you to learn something new—and even make it a regular habit. Learning helps us have an edge in business, but it also can inspire our creativity.

Do another self-evaluation and see which areas might be weaker than others. Do you struggle with marketing? Learn more about. Is time management an issue? Get the knowledge on how to conquer.

By continuing to learn, we gain new experiences. Experiences that could be just the thing to launch us to our next level—whatever that level may be for you.


What if you’re already doing all that? You’re working smarter, doing the things to put your products out there, and getting more training/ knowledge in the areas you struggle in.

Still, nothing seems to be working, and you’re at the end of your rope with thoughts of giving up looking more appealing by the minute.

Back away from that ledge, my friend.

I may have just the thing you need.

Ready for it?

Here is it: Change. Your. Perspective.


Mind blown? No? Well, let me explain then.

Here’s the deal

Rather than focusing on profit, we must focus on the message. Return to the ‘why’ behind what you’re doing.

Now I get that’s not bringing in the green stuff for the bills or to feed all those mouths in your family. But it will create a different outlook and fuel to keep fighting the good fight.

If you’re so focused on the profit you forget about the people receiving the art you worked so hard to create in the first place.

Is money going to enjoy your art? Is a stack of quarters going to be revived by your message?

No. But a person would.

For me, creating art and sharing my books gives me the opportunity to plant seeds of hope and encouragement to others. I write because I want people to know there’s hope beyond the darkness of their circumstances.

I’d lose sight of that if I focused solely on profit and numbers. And that’s not what I want for my life, my business, or my art. In fact, that would make for a miserable writing journey.

A creative entrepreneur business isn’t something that’s taken likely—it’s hard, hard work. However, if you started out with passion, remind yourself of what that passion was. The ‘why’ behind your reason for getting in the game.

There’s a message inside of you. Focus on that. Focus on the people you could impact. Empower your heart for changing the world around you, one person at a time, and see if your journey isn’t far more enjoyable.

Once you change your perspective, I bet you’ll find just the answer needed to get to your next level—maybe even increase that cash flow for the ever-growing bills 😉 —and have a happier life doing so.

I believe in you, friend. And I can’t wait to see you thrive. *hugs*

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