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Thinking Thoughts

A Tribe of Beautiful Misfits. Realm Makers Recap.

Writers Community

I have been to many conferences but none fill my heart the way Realm Makers does. There’s just something special about communing with like-minded individuals that sparks joy in my soul. That fires me up and fuels me to tackle my dreams. In fact, this was the first time I had “conference withdrawals”—yes, that’s a…

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Hidden Treasures You’re Missing Out On

book love

Let’s chat book love for a second, okay? Stories are essential to life. Like eating, breathing, and sleeping, stories are essential life resources. At least for me. *happy sigh* But I didn’t always have the beauty of books in my life. I won’t go into detail, but my childhood was bleak and a bit rocky, with…

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4 Mindsets Flips to Help You Persevere

ways to persevere

Over the course of the month, we’ve chatting about ways to overcome negativity. Today I’d love to share some mindset flips and resources that I use in my own fight, things that help me to persevere and keep moving forward. However, as you’re going through this, I’d love your feedback and tips you may have.…

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