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Thinking Thoughts

Who says summer fun has to end

New school year has started. No more endless hours of fun. Getting all choked up here. Fare thee well, summer. I shall miss thee. *sniffle*   via GIPHY   Okay, I’ll chill with the dramatics, but seriously, back to school time for kids doesn’t have the same ring to it for us as in most…

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A Tribe of Beautiful Misfits. Realm Makers Recap.

Writers Community

I have been to many conferences but none fill my heart the way Realm Makers does. There’s just something special about communing with like-minded individuals that sparks joy in my soul. That fires me up and fuels me to tackle my dreams. In fact, this was the first time I had “conference withdrawals”—yes, that’s a…

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Hidden Treasures You’re Missing Out On

book love

Let’s chat book love for a second, okay? Stories are essential to life. Like eating, breathing, and sleeping, stories are essential life resources. At least for me. *happy sigh* But I didn’t always have the beauty of books in my life. I won’t go into detail, but my childhood was bleak and a bit rocky, with…

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