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She cut me deep. And I’m so glad she did.

Most times we have a clear directive of where we’re going in life and why we want to get there. But what happens when we’re faced with opposition? Or when the person who should lift us up tears us down instead? In most cases, we falter and our resolve weakens. We question ourselves and our…

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Adventures I’m Diving into This January

Ah! I’m so pumped to be able to write this blog post. Mainly because it means I’m FINALLY released from timeout. <—Yeah, you read that right. I’d fallen behind on revisions for my work-in-progress, Illusionary, and as punishment, I denied myself the privilege of reading fiction novels until things were finished. If that seems weird…

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5 Tips For Embracing New Year Goals

A new year has rung and now comes the time to reflect on how the previous year fared. For you 2016 could’ve been great or maybe, like me, it kicked your derriere. But the good news is change is possible. However, have the things we wish to change become repeat offenders? Have you come to…

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